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About Me

Alyssa is an independent filmmaker and performer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves to make films, perform in them, and create Youtube videos for fun. 

In the film world, Alyssa specializes in directing, production management, production coordinator, script breakdowns, working with actors, setting up schedules, keeping up to date on deadlines, and always keeping a great sense of humor on set. She loves the set life and feeling the excitement of all the actors and crew to make a film come alive. However; when she is not on set, she is a phenomenal personal/admin assistant to several high-end clients. 

Alyssa is a part of UNCIA FILMS as an assistant director/ production coordinator and has worked with producer/director Eduardo Castrillo on several features including “Worth”,  “Hunting Season”, “ The Pining”, and “Ride Scare”.  Alyssa has an excellent eye for details, exquisite organization, and loves seeing a film through all the way to its completion. Alyssa has experience being a production assistant working with smaller productions such as ASCD, Magnet Media Inc., Logitech, and Curiosity Shoppe. She also works as a freelancer for editing projects, graphic design, marketing decks, and photography. 

Alyssa’s has directed a 30-second PSA for STOMP Out Bullying which has been a featured video on their website and has amassed over 700,000 views. Her film  “18 Cupcakes” was nominated in the Vocational/College category in CreaTiVe Awards in San Jose in 2013.  Alyssa’s skills don’t end there, as she has no problem shining in front of a camera or on stage. She recently worked at California Great America as a performer and Character performer during the Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons. She was the main performer for Sally Brown during the Christmas show at Winterfest. Alyssa loves to perform and continues to grow her skills through workshops and classes.

Pink Floral

On a more personal level, Alyssa loves going on adventures and being outdoors, while its hiking on a new trail or lounging at the beach. Theme parks are always a yes and getting lost in a book store is just some of the fun this she likes to do in her free time. 

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