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Seven Lost - Assistant Director - Historical - 2020 (Post Production)

A group of soldiers is lost behind enemy lines in the Italian wilderness. Pursued by an axis brigade, they fight to make it back to safety and go back home.

The Pining - Assistant Director - Thriller - 2019

The group therapy leader seems to know more than what is in his police statements when several of his group members start to die off one by one.  

Look Into the Fire - Assistant Director - Thriller - 2018 (Post Production)

A group of neuropsychology graduate students works to unlock the potential of the brain, but one student takes it too far with his own self-experiment and starts to uncover the sinister truth of his own past. 

Worth – Assistant Director – Drama – 2018

A Muay Thai fighter struggles to keep focused on training as things begin crashing down around him. Can he make it through the biggest fight of his life?


Girl Trip – Assistant Director – Thriller – 2017

Best friends on a road trip stop in a shady town off the Sacramento River. They soon realize that only girlfriends know how to destroy are each other.


Hunting Season– Assistant Director – Thriller  –  2015

Two FBI agents track down a missing person's case which leads them to a group of stockbrokers who hunt people for sport.


Cleansing the Palate  – Assistant Director  – Drama  – 2014

Milton, a factory floor manager, takes a gamble on a dormant life-long dream of becoming a chef when his boss suddenly ships his job overseas.


Miss Finknagle Succumbs to Chaos – Production Assistant – Drama/Comedy – 2013

A 10-minute fiction film chronicling one fate-turning day in the life of lonely high school librarian, Miss Finknagle.


Now – Assistant Director – Drama – 11 min – 2013

A veteran struggles with his inner demons after coming back from war.

18 Cupcakes – Writer/Director – Drama – 11min – 2013 *

A story about a young girl fighting for her dreams to become a dancer against her controlling mother's wish.

Little Visitor – Assistant Director – Drama – 15 min – 2013 *

An unexpected visitor forces a distraught mother to face a difficult reality as she struggles to connect with her son.

Funkanometry's Sock Hop – Producer – Live Event – 1 hr 30min – 2012

A live show featuring dance crews from around the U.S. as they come together to promote the passions of dance.

Trophy Kids – Assistant Director – Music Video – 2012

A music video for the band “Trophy Kids” inside an audio studio.

BATS Improv – Director – Theatrical – 1 hr 20 min – 2012

A live improve show with interactions from the audience.

SFPP – Human Trafficking – Director: Segment – Informative – 2012

A segment dealing with human trafficking and its secrets inside San Francisco.

Waiting For You – Writer/Director – Narrative – 2 min – 2012 *

This is a story about a young man getting the courage to ask his best friend to be his girlfriend.

Dare – Assistant Director – Thriller – 4 min – 2012 *

An innocent game of truth or dare becomes a horrific infinite cycle of unfulfilled love between two friends.

The Last Goodbye – Writer/Director –Drama – 5 min – 2011 *

A young teen couple says their last goodbyes to each other after a tragic accident.

Cyber Bullying PSA – Writer/Director – PSA – 30 Sec – 2011 *

A PSA about how Cyber Bullying hurts.

*  This film is in my demo reel.​

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